Today’s Bunch

$35.00 inc GST

Christmas Break: Dec 24 - 10 Jan

The shop will be closed from Friday 24 December and re-open on Tuesday 11 January! Have a great break everyone.

He Puti Puti 256px Santa Hat


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Hello! It looks like you’re ordering before 9am.
That’s fine, but Today’s Bunch may change at 9am.

Deliveries of Today’s Bunch will start from 1.30pm this afternoon. We will deliver in the most logical order and will do our best to deliver at specified times where possible. We also provide a $70 double bunch and a $105 triple bunch with delivery included.

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Orders open Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at 6am.
Photos and descriptions are updated at 9am.
Orders close at 11am.
Would you like to preorder for another day now?
You can see previous bunches in the Gallery.
  • Write a message... we will write it on a card and attach it to the flowers. Include your name if you want the recipient to know who sent their bunch.

    At the current time, we only deliver to the postcodes in the popup menu.

    To avoid disappointment, phone us on 021 314 180 if you need delivery to different Wairarapa areas.

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     Native Bunch $25.00 - SOLD OUT

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