Preorder a Bunch

$35.00 inc GST

Covid Level 2 info - 9th Sept

Open again for online orders but sold out until Wednesday 15th September!

Winter online orders/deliveries are on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Our Martinborough shop is open for pickups Wednesday to Saturday from 10am-2pm (no deliveries).

We will deliver in the most logical order and will do our best to deliver at specified times where possible. We also provide a $70 double bunch and a $105 triple bunch.

For pre-orders, we choose the best flowers available on your delivery day. This may mean that the composition is different from what’s in today’s bunch, but rest assured that we create all our bunches with care and thought!

You can see previous bunches in the Gallery.
  • Write a message... we will write it on a card and attach it to the flowers. Include your name if you want the recipient to know who sent their bunch.

    At the current time, we only deliver to the postcodes in the popup menu.

    To avoid disappointment, phone us on 021 314 180 if you need delivery to different Wairarapa areas.

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     Native Bunch $25.00 - SOLD OUT

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