Can I choose my own flowers?
No. We create only one style of flower bouquet each weekday.  We source our flora & foliage from the freshest and most fabulous blooms available selecting the best of the best for Today’s Bunch.
Can I order a larger bunch?
Yes! We also offer a $70 double bunch and a $105 triple bunch, and you can pre-order for delivery on a future day.
Can I choose my paper colour?
Yes you can choose to have your bunch wrapped in brown or white paper.
Can I include a message?
Yes, just fill out on the message box on the Today’s Bunch or Preorder page and a message card will be included with your flowers.
Which areas do you deliver to?

We deliver to:
Masterton (5810) from Ngaumutawa Rd to the Hospital
Carterton (5713) all of township
Greytown (5712) all of township
Featherston (5711) all of township (extra charge $8.00)
Martinborough (5710) all of township (extra charge $8.00)

Can I choose a delivery time?
Deliveries start at 1.30 pm each weekday. We will deliver in the most logical order and do our best to deliver at specified times where possible.
Do you deliver every day?

No. We only deliver Tuesday to Saturday.

What time do I need to order by on the day of delivery?
Orders can be received till 11am daily from Tuesday through Saturday, or until we have sold out.
Can I order for another day?
Yes. You can Preorder a bunch for another day using our Preorder a bunch page.
What if no-one is home to receive the bunch?
We will do our best to put the bunch somewhere out of the sun and we will always leave them in water. If you have any specific instructions give Narida a call on 021 314 180.
What if I accidentally give you the wrong address?
It is your responsibility to give us the correct address when you are ordering your bunch, including an apartment or unit number if applicable. If we can’t deliver the bunch we will need to charge you an extra $15 and send it out again the following day.
Do you have a flower subscription service?
No yet. But send us an email if you are interested because if we gain enough interest we are very keen to offer subscriptions fortnightly, monthly and annually.
How do I care for my bunch?

Most importantly: put the bunch in water as soon as possible.

Choose a large enough vase for your bunch so it will hold enough water and be wide enough for the stems.

Remove any greenery from the stems so that no leaves will be submerged under water. Trim the stems so the bunch fits your vase nicely.

Place your flowers in a cool place out of direct sunlight or away from other heating sources.

Check your flowers daily keeping the vase filled with fresh water. Re-cut the stems every few days. Change the water every few days.